Air Traffic Management

Air Traffic Management is a complex and dynamic environment which is undergoing major changes to improve its efficiency, safety and capacity.

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Aviation Safety

The aviation industry is renowned for its dedication to safe operations, and there is no doubt that commercial air transport is the safest form of travel today. However, it is incumbent on the industry to continue improving its record, since aviation incidents may and do happen.

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Fatigue Management

The aviation industry is a dynamic, fast growing and technologically advanced industry. But, despite the technological advances, increases in efficiency and a more streamlined industry overall, human errors still exist. Fatigue is the one of the most dangerous physiological constraints and needs to be managed.

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Training Solutions

AEROPLAN Consultancy provides a broad range of learning solutions to empower your employees with the skills and knowledge to excel. How? Outstanding learning and development consultants, customized solutions for your training initiatives, and creative learning approaches for employee performance.

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