Air Traffic Management

Air Traffic Management

Continual change to airspace architecture, flight path design, air traffic services communication, navigation and surveillance infrastructure, and air traffic control operational procedures introduces significant risk, which must be carefully managed if safety standards are to be maintained and continually improved.

Unmanned Aircraft Vehicles (UAV) are becoming more important for both civil and military applications. To reach their full potential technologies and processes need to be devised to enable them to integrate with manned aviation.

Airports are undergoing expansions and such developments in the vicinity of airports must be controlled to make sure that the safety and effectiveness of air traffic control operations is not compromised. For this reason, it is essential that any proposed developments are assessed to ensure there is no impact on safety of aircraft and ATC operations.

AEROPLAN Consultancy can provide expert consultancy services to promote a cost-effective planning and decision-making process to assist Air Navigation Service Providers to get ready for major changes.

Our Air Traffic Management Services include:

  • Integration of the Unmanned Aerial Systems with manned aviation
  • Various feasibility studies
  • Audit of ATC operations, training, licensing and SMS against ICAO and State Standards
  • ATC incidents and accidents investigation
  • Strategic Management for Air Navigation Service Providers
  • Management of Change
  • Analysis of training programs effectiveness
  • Audit of ATC procedures and documentation against ICAO and State Standards
  • Development of post-audit action plans and cost-effective solutions
  • Aerospace optimization planning projects

AEROPLAN Consultancy have extensive operational and management experience in Air Traffic Management, and comply with international standards.

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