Aviation Safety

Aviation Safety

Safety management is about protecting your organisation against undesired outcomes and helping to prevent not just incidents and accidents, but operational and financial inefficiencies and losses.

The promotion of Safety Management Systems by regulators around the world is increasingly giving way to mandatory implementation requirements. However, the generalised nature of the compliance guidelines can leave you wondering how to approach SMS from a practical perspective and manage it proactively.

Safety Management Consulting

AEROPLAN Consultancy experts have considerable experience in different domains of the aviation industry focused on implementing safety management systems and delivering safety standards in critical aviation operations. We can help your organisation to improve corporate safety culture, develop more effective organisational tools and establish robust safety oversight processes.

Our Safety Management Services Include:

  • Safety Management System design, development and implementation
  • Development, design and implementation of State Safety Programme
  • ICAO safety audit preparation
  • Post ICAO audit support/corrective action plans and capacity building
  • Review and assessment of existing Safety Management Systems
  • Safety Promotion and Safety Culture Enhancement
  • Development of safety reporting system
  • Analysis of hazards and assessment of registered risks
  • Aviation incident and accident investigation

To maintain and improve safety standards requires effective safety oversight; accurate capture of incidents and unsafe conditions; comprehensive safety auditing; an effective system for safety investigation and analysis of safety data; efficient communication of safety information; continual review of safety indicators and targets and benchmarking against industry best practices.

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